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Spooky Season officially started at OrionCraft and we couldn't be happier!
We have some amazing events and updates for you ready! So sit back, relax and take your time to read this new big update! 👻

Brand New Spawn
Fully in halloween theme, and you might've guessed it. The Halloween theme this year is... HEROBRINE. They say herobrine is a hoax.. but spawn shows you otherwise 🤯
Massive thanks to GoldenWolf_41 to transform our spawn to our flavour!


Halloween Event!
69SLOWPOKE7 months ago

We're busy with prepping everything for the Halloween event. And we're almost there! 

- Halloween Headhunt
- 2 New Plugins
- Building Contest
- Halloween crate with fitting collection
- Brand new Halloween spawn

22 october Halloween "The Unknown" event will start as well. 

Orion will go offline at Friday the 13th at 18.00 EST for a couple hours. 
We will announce on discord when we're back up and what the changes are. 

Here's a little sneak peek! 



Hi Everyone!

So yesterday we switched host and today we not only noticed lag and people getting kicked off but also bedrock players weren't able to connect anymore. 

Due to the issues we decided to switch again and we know this means more downtime, so today I've been working all day on a new present for you guys that you all wished for, for a long time now. 🤩

The server will be offline all night. It will take a couple hours to switch due to the size of our world. So when the server is done Tip and I are both a sleep and we can't check if its successful or if there are any (big) issues. To prevent a massive amount of pinging and panicking we decided to keep the server offline untill we both...


Hey Everyone!

Thank you all for your patience and sorry it took a bit longer 🙃
The winners are here! I really enjoy seeing people using the plugin and see the creativity! 

First place - ZephAffinity
Elite + a perk (silk or fly) or 10,- store credit + 25k in game money

Second place - .DarkStarx777
1x grand key and 15k in game 

Third place  - Caduceus_Clay
1x supernova key and 7500,- in game money

For the winners, please make a ticket to claim your price and thank you all for joining the contest! 

Keep your eyes open for next! 


August update!
69SLOWPOKE8 months ago

Hi Everyone!

  • Today I announced that Tezzie will be joining our team as content creator. 
    Tezzie can be found in game under the role "Marketing". She's here to record and when you spot her, just keep doing what you're doing and you might be in the next tiktok or youtube reel!
  • Zeph is promoted to moderator. I'm so proud of Zeph and Asda both learning so well and I'm happy to have them on the team.
    If you think you're a right fit for Orion please head over to our staff application section! 

  • Discord got a new look! Come check it out! 

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