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Herobrine Event active!
Started by 69SLOWPOKE

Spooky Season officially started at OrionCraft and we couldn't be happier!
We have some amazing events and updates for you ready! So sit back, relax and take your time to read this new big update! 👻

Brand New Spawn
Fully in halloween theme, and you might've guessed it. The Halloween theme this year is... HEROBRINE. They say herobrine is a hoax.. but spawn shows you otherwise 🤯
Massive thanks to GoldenWolf_41 to transform our spawn to our flavour!

Brand New Crate | How to obtain keys
New crate full with a new OP collection and amazing tags all in Halloween theme. 

There are multiple ways to get keys. 

  • Headhunt > find all 20 Herobrine heads to get 2 Halloween keys. Same rules as before. (No alts and no Tours)
  • In the Cosmic crate is a **Trick or Treat** bag. You might get killed, you might get smitten or.. you will recieve a shard.
  • Redeem 4 shards at the Halloween NPC next to the crates to redeem your Halloween key.  Better start voting!
  • Catch the Herobrine Platinum fish (0,4% chance) to get a Halloween key!
  • And offcourse, very important to us: You can support us by buying them in the store:  https://shop.orioncraft.org/

New plugins: Pyromining and Pyrofishing
Fight mini bosses and grind your way all the way through the augments and vessels. More information about both plugins can be found here:  
Pyromining Guide and Pyrofishing Guide

Pyrofishing has tournaments that start when at least 2 players are online. 

Pyromining event "The Unknown" starts at 22 october and more about it can be read here: The Unknown
And yes, this will make you jump. Note: You need to be pyromining level 15 to participate in "The Unknown" event. You level up your pyromining by mining ores.

Halloween Creativity Event
Building contest untill 30 october. 
Theme Halloween. 
Size is unlimited but, make sure you CLAIM your build in order to protect it. 
So make me a Halloween castle or make me a decorated spooky house...A carved pumpkin or maybe a Herobrine statue! Let your creativity go wild! 
Done with your build? Make a ticket or tell Poke so I can set homes! 

If you're not gonna enter the contest, Tip and I can use some judges 😀 Make a ticket to apply for a judge role!

1st place | Elite Rank + 1 perk (or store credit) 3 Halloween keys and 3 trick or treat bags. 
2nd place: 50k, 2 Halloween keys and 2 trick or treat bags.
3rd place: 25k, 1 Halloween Key and 1 trick or treat bag.

Community Manager @ OrionCraft 💯