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Spooky Season officially started at OrionCraft and we couldn't be happier!We have some amazing events and updates for you ready! So sit back, relax and take your time to read this new big update! Brand New SpawnFully in halloween theme, and you might've guessed it. The Halloween theme this year is... HEROBRINE. They say herobrine is a hoax.. but spawn shows you otherwise ūü§ĮMassive thanks to GoldenWolf_41 to transform our spawn to our flavour! Brand New Crate | How to obtain keysNew crate full with a new OP collection and amazing tags all in Halloween theme.¬† There are multiple ways to get keys.¬† Headhunt > find all 20 Herobrine heads to get 2 Halloween keys. Same rules as before. (No alts and no Tours) In the Cosmic crate is a **Trick or Treat** bag. You might get killed, you might get smitten or.. you will recieve a shard. Redeem 4 shards at the Halloween NPC next to the crates to redeem your Halloween key.¬† Better start voting! Catch the Herobrine Platinum fish (0,4% chance) to get a Halloween key! And offcourse, very important to us: You can support us by buying them in the store:¬† https://shop.orioncraft.org/ New plugins: Pyromining and PyrofishingFight mini bosses and grind your way all the way through the augments and vessels. More information about both plugins can be found here:¬†¬†Pyromining Guide and Pyrofishing Guide Pyrofishing has tournaments that start when at least 2 players are online.¬† Pyromining event "The Unknown" starts at 22 october and more about it can be read here: The UnknownAnd yes, this will make you jump. Note: You need to be pyromining level 15 to participate in "The Unknown" event. You level up your pyromining by mining ores. Halloween Creativity EventBuilding contest untill 30 october.¬†Theme Halloween.¬†Size is unlimited but, make sure you CLAIM your build in order to protect it.¬†So make me a Halloween castle or make me a decorated spooky house...A carved pumpkin or maybe a Herobrine statue! Let your creativity go wild!¬†Done with your build? Make a ticket or tell Poke so I can set homes!¬† If you're not gonna enter the contest, Tip and I can use some judges ūüėÄ Make a ticket to apply for a judge role! Prices1st place | Elite Rank + 1 perk (or store credit) 3 Halloween keys and 3 trick or treat bags.¬†2nd place: 50k, 2 Halloween keys and 2 trick or treat bags.3rd place: 25k, 1 Halloween Key and 1 trick or treat bag.
6 months ago
Pyromining is another plugin by Pyrotempus and my favorite all time. It boosts up your mining game with drops, bosses, vessels and more. The grind is insane. The first time finishing Pyromining took me 9 months. Pyromining BasicsIf you mine ores you level up your pyromining level and gaining zeta (Pyromining currency). Zeta you need to upgrade your skills in /mine artifacts and to craft vessels. Other then Pyrofishing the grind of mining is a bit harder. You need to gain fossils. Fossils you get out of artifacts. When you mine ores artifacts,mysterious dust and gemstones will drop. These are all part of Pyromining. If you open an artifact it will show you how much chance you have to get an unidentified fossil. When the time is passed you open /mine artifacts again and get them out and the drops will fall near you. Make sure you have inventory space. You need all 8 body parts of 1 kind. There are 16 VESSEL kinds so each have 8 body parts. This makes the grind insane. Especially because some vessels go up to level 10 or higher. So for example the Sklylark vessel, if you wanna craft it you need:Skylarks SkullSkylarks SpineSkylarks WingsSkylarks ArmSkylarks RibSkylarks LegSkylarks FootSkylarks TailWhen you get all 8 of the same type you can put them in a refinery (Dropper with fence up top) and craft them. You see some lightnining and the vessel will pop out. Then the work begins and you need to progress the vessel. When a vessel is in progress you see it next to your pickaxe name on top, when finished, its on the bottom as your lore and from that time it gives u the benefits according to the vessel in /mine vessels. When you progress the vessel you need to mine more ores, little thralls will spawn that you need to kill and if u use the command /mine vessel click on your pickaxe and the data will load. Thralls have a cooldown and in the beginning the % of progressing through the tralls goes slow. but if all are on 100% it will identify the requiums you need, if you load those in, the big boss will spawn and you can finally finish your vessel. To progress faster focus on the necro vessel and boost up your /mine singularity. You can spawn rune guardians and deliver the runes it needs to gain singularity points. Those mini bosses are strong but not as strong as oracles.  You get rune dust out of mysterious dust. On mysterious dust is shown what the drops will be: I always wait untill im pyromining level 30+ before I use my dust because u need those shattered requium orbs to finish a vessel. Without those your vessel won't finish and the boss will get more angry and angry, sometimes spawning with mining every ore. The vessel bosses get stronger each level as well. I suggest to buckle up good because at level 20 the thralls ánd the vessels will easily one slap you. If you just like to fight very, very strong bosses charge your oracleite (mine diamond ore with it offhand untill it turns gold) and use that on emerald ore. You can spawn oracles now but those are no joke. Theyre extremly strong and I don't suggest spawning them in diamond armor.  Atm only 2 oracles are able to spawn but keep your light runes that you get from the second boss. Tohka (boss 3) had some issues so is disabled right now but will come back in V5. Commands list/mine journal | Shows you ton of info about pyromining/mine shop | Sell your gemstones and fluxes here to gain some extra bucks/mine stats | Check your level and such/mine zeta | amount of zeta you have /mine vessels | here you can withdraw your zeta to sell or withdraw your vessels to switch to a new pickaxe and see the progress/mine artifacts | identify your artifacts in here and withdraw when the time has passedWhen im progressed a bit, I will make a video of pyromining :-) If you have any questions, let us know! 
6 months ago
What is Pyrofishing?Pyrofishing is a plugin made by Pyrotempus and is the perfect way to boost up your fishing game. It works perfectly in combincation with Quests, Jobs and McMMO and it makes fishing way more fun plus it adds an extra grind to the game.  Custom Fish OrionCraftOn Orion we have custom fish such as event fish or staff fish. Platinum TierThe Silly Ya Yeet fish | This fish will kick you of the server if you catch it.Herobrine Fish | This fish you can redeem with Poke to get your halloween key. warning: The reason why I don't put a drop command with it is because with fishing your inventory gets very full. You might lose the key. Also, do NOT place the custom fish heads, it will lose their data. Keep in PV or Chest! You can hang them on item frame tho. If people like this new way of getting keys I might do it more often :) Mythical TierGhost fish | No Effects Unicorn Pokey Fish | Will kick Poke and broadcast it when you catch it. HuffPuff Zephie Fish | Will smite Zeph and broadcast it when you catch it. Pepsi Cult John Fish | Will smite Asda and RTP him randomly through the world and broadcast it when you catch it.Check /fish codex for all the fish. The staff fishies are in mythical tier so hard to catch but, when you do its a lot of fun because we will get punished for it ;-) Basic Pyrofishing InfoIf you fish you gain entropy and xp. Both are needed to craft augments. Augments will make your rod look all rainbow and give special insane effects to your rod, its like custom enchants but only for your fishing rod. For the recipes and the augment list use /fish augments. The further u progress in fish level the higher your catches are. Especially when you use /fish skills and the fishing totem. You can sell the fish in /fish shop or, if you really wanna progress you keep all the fish sorted in the future for deliveries and for gutting. Gutting give you entropy which you need to craft augments, so you need a lot. BTW, there is party fishing! If you fish with 3 people you get the full boost and get extra's! Commands List/fish shop | Sell your fish/fish augments | Augments overview/fish augment | Put your rod and augment on the left to add the augment on your rod!/fish skills | Level up your fishing skills /fish codex | fish overview and in which biome you can find them (usefull for tounament and deliveries)/ft time | When a new tournament is gonna start or how much did pass/ft info | When active tournament you see your spotResourcepackPyro doesnt have a resourcepack himself but, a lot of people created a resourcepack for pyrofishing. My favorite to use is Recklessfishing. It will give the bronze,silver,gold and diamond fish texture which makes them easier to find! More info is found on Pyro's page:https://pyrotempus.gitbook.io/pyro-plugins/pyrofishingpro/features/fishing-levelhttps://pyrotempus.gitbook.io/pyro-plugins/pyrofishingpro/faqIf you have more questions. Feel free to ask staff! Note: Auto fishing counts as anti afk which is not allowed. I do not wanna see autoclickers or any autofishers.   
6 months ago
We're busy with prepping everything for the Halloween event. And we're almost there! Coming: - Halloween Headhunt- 2 New Plugins- Building Contest- Halloween crate with fitting collection- Brand new Halloween spawn22 october Halloween "The Unknown" event will start as well.  Orion will go offline at Friday the 13th at 18.00 EST for a couple hours. We will announce on discord when we're back up and what the changes are.  Here's a little sneak peek! 
7 months ago
Hi Everyone! So yesterday we switched host and today we not only noticed lag and people getting kicked off but also bedrock players weren't able to connect anymore.¬† Due to the issues we decided to switch again and we know this means more downtime, so today I've been working all day on a new present for you guys that you all wished for, for a long time now. ūü§© The server will be offline all night. It will take a couple hours to switch due to the size of our world. So when the server is done Tip and I are both a sleep and we can't check if its successful or if there are any (big) issues. To prevent a massive amount of pinging and panicking we decided to keep the server offline untill we both are available to catch up any issues that are there.¬† We understand that this really sucks but we can't take any risk right now.¬† The good news is.... Tomorrow the Shrek HEAD HUNT in spawn goes live where you have to search **20 Shrek Heads** all through spawn. Your reward will be 2 Shrek Keys when finished. *take note, do not make a coordinate book or what so ever, let people search themselves or go on the hunt together :slight_smile: * Also because of the downtime I will drop a Shrek Key for the downtime. Time will be announced later! Tip will add the Shrek Keys soon to the shop as well. You can access the store with the command /buy or via https://shop.orioncraft.org/ So get ready to get Ogrewhelmed and get tired of my Shrektaculair puns.
8 months ago