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August update!
Started by 69SLOWPOKE

Hi Everyone!

  • Today I announced that Tezzie will be joining our team as content creator. 
    Tezzie can be found in game under the role "Marketing". She's here to record and when you spot her, just keep doing what you're doing and you might be in the next tiktok or youtube reel!
  • Zeph is promoted to moderator. I'm so proud of Zeph and Asda both learning so well and I'm happy to have them on the team.
    If you think you're a right fit for Orion please head over to our staff application section! 

  • Discord got a new look! Come check it out! 

    We're working on a lot of things in the background. I'm finishing the promo, new server banners and new text to promote the server on the vote websites.
    After that we continue in game (I want a new playerlist look 😆) while we wait on the new Pyromining update (Version 5). Adding it now would be too confussing to learn it twice so we have to have a bit of patience! 

Community Manager @ OrionCraft 💯