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Started by 69SLOWPOKE

Hi everybody, We are proud to announce that in the upcoming month we’re packing our bags for the next season. With that said we’ve decided to merge the 2 servers in one hub. Meaning: If you connect to one of the servers you come into a hub where you can go to both servers. If the server has auto restart or maintenance you will be send to the hub. Most likely minigames such as parkour will be added into this and making brand new friends! This means staff is also crossover and we’re working on a system where you can call a staff member from the other server in emergency.
This is what you can take
We are no longer buying diamond and netherite blocks out of the shop to sell back into the new world so millions are easily gained. No, that’s not how we do survival. No more filling shulkers with thousands of building blocks.
The only things that you can pack are
Armor/tools/tags and customs from the crates such as scrolls,
claimblock vouchers etc.
Art, 1 of each creation that you’ve made. So no copies.
Spawners Augments and Vessels will be reset from tools.
So no diamond blocks, no trims, no sniffer eggs, no empty shulkers, no custom enchants book etc. Just the list above. Questions? Let me know! Don't have a PV? no worries, make a ticket and Ill put it in my PV! reminder all PV's will be CHECKED
This is what we’re gonna reset
All leaderboards
And ofcourse the world
Im proud to announce we’re making some big changes such as Custom biomes and structures Item filter Showcase your item in chat brand new hub Crates rework Pyromining V5 launch if ready We might add Pyrofarming as well! And more that we didn’t decide on yet!
Staff crossover
Staff is crossover which will mean both staff needs to have knowledge of both servers and have the right perms for the right rank they have. If you think you’re fitting for the staff team for a big network, you can apply on the forums or in a ticket towards me. Like to create media? I’d like to hear from you as well! My role mostly remains the same but I’m gonna focus a bit more on marketing/recruiting/staff/events and server fixes so I will have less time to create media.
ETA around end of June with the new update for both servers. The server will close 1 or 2 weeks before and all PV’s will be checked if they are fitting for the reset and to remove augments/Vessels
I’ve also decided to give most a second chance. This will mean most people will be unbanned in the next season beside certain people depending what the ban is on. Let’s go for another chance and see how that works out! For now, sit tight and I hope to see you all soon. :BlobCatHeart: Much love - Poke & Ghost
Community Manager @ OrionCraft 💯