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Started by 69SLOWPOKE

Hi Everyone!

So yesterday we switched host and today we not only noticed lag and people getting kicked off but also bedrock players weren't able to connect anymore. 

Due to the issues we decided to switch again and we know this means more downtime, so today I've been working all day on a new present for you guys that you all wished for, for a long time now. 🤩

The server will be offline all night. It will take a couple hours to switch due to the size of our world. So when the server is done Tip and I are both a sleep and we can't check if its successful or if there are any (big) issues. To prevent a massive amount of pinging and panicking we decided to keep the server offline untill we both are available to catch up any issues that are there. 

We understand that this really sucks but we can't take any risk right now. 

The good news is....

  • Tomorrow the Shrek HEAD HUNT in spawn goes live where you have to search **20 Shrek Heads** all through spawn. Your reward will be 2 Shrek Keys when finished. *take note, do not make a coordinate book or what so ever, let people search themselves or go on the hunt together :slight_smile: *
  • Also because of the downtime I will drop a Shrek Key for the downtime. Time will be announced later!
  • Tip will add the Shrek Keys soon to the shop as well. You can access the store with the command /buy or via https://shop.orioncraft.org/

So get ready to get Ogrewhelmed and get tired of my Shrektaculair puns. 🤣

Community Manager @ OrionCraft 💯